Every town needs a bar and restaurant that feels like home. Founder, Joe Dailey, has created such a place in JD's Junction. Inside the doors of "the Junction", you will find a very inviting and aesthetically pleasing environment. Combined with fresh, homemade food and a staff that truly cares about making your experience as pleasurable as possible, JD's is "that kind of place". The menu is based on simple, comfort food, where the taste and quality stands for what Joe and the staff believe in. Not only does the menu impress, JD's houses quite an extensive beverage list.

You owe it to yourself to stop by and check it out!!

November 13, 2018

• Chili
• Egg Drop
• Creamy Cheeseburger

Lunch Specials: 

  • Tacos

  • Hard or Soft Shells

  • Beef-Chicken or Fish

Dinner Specials: Available after 5:00pm Friday and all day Saturday & Sunday

  • Taco’s

  • Hard or Soft Shells

  • Beef-Chicken or Fish

"Dailey"  Drink Specials: Until they are all.
Available all day, everyday
Steaks: Served with real Mashed Potatoes* & choice of Vegetable
~New York Strip
~Junction Delmonico, topped with
  Onions & Mushrooms, sauteed in
   Blackberry Brandy
~Filet Mignon: 5oz. or 10oz. available
    *Real Mashed Potatoes:
     Plain, Spinach, or Wasabi

Sandwiches & Appetizers:
~Mansion House Steak Sandwich"
~Blue Raider Sub


Our Current Beer Lists

TRIVIA-Every Wednesday

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Come Cheer on Penn State Football Every Saturday! We have Beer and Liquor Specials, Plus, Free Finger Food to Snack On During the Game!